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Water conservation and management is extremely important as clean water is a limited resource, as well as a costly one. Desalination and purification of water for use in homes and businesses is an energy intensive process that harms the environment.

In Bahrain, the cost of water supplied by EWA has risen from BD 0.100 per cubic meter to 0.750 per cubic meter, which is an increase of 650%. 


IGT supplies a range of products such as flow regulators, aerators, pressure reducers, etc. that reduce the use of water.


We also provide, design and installation of residential and commercial grey-water recycling systems which can take the dirty water from sinks, baths and laundry and recycle it onsite for use in landscaping or toilet flushes.



Food Recyling.JPG

Disposal of Food waste is a major challenge as it places a burden on the municipalities to collect and sort it. Most of it ends up in landfills which then emit methane gases which are extremely harmful to the environment. As a result more and more countries are encouraging the recycling of food waste at their source - the home or commercial kitchen.


IGT provides a wide variety of food recycling systems ranging from small size table top units for home use to commercial systems that can process 1000s of KG of food waste per day.


The output from these systems is generally a very good quality compost that can be used for gardening which can offset the cost of buying fertilizers. We also provide specialist systems that can recycle food-waste to bio-gas and liquid fertilizers.

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