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INTERGREEN TECHNOLOGIES W.L.L. is a Green Energy and Information Technology solutions provider based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We help Individuals, SMEs and enterprises in the region to harness the power of nature and today's latest technologies to meet their ever growing energy and technology needs

Founded by a group of executives with extensive experience in technology across multiple domains and leveraging a large pool of technology partners from the Middle East and Asia, Intergreen offers its clients an un-paralleled blend of Green Energy and IT services under one roof.


Delivery is assured by our team of experienced consultants and project managers who form the bridge between our clients, partners and employees. They ensure that each solution is creative, cost-effective, in line with best-practices and, most importantly, tailored to your specific business requirements. 


At the heart of our business philosophy are two fundamental principles:


  • To provide our clients with the highest levels of Customer Service in all that we do

  • To maintain vendor independence in order to ensure that we consistently recommend the best products at best prices to meet each clients unique requirements.​

Vision: To add value and support the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitments and goals towards the United Nations SDGs and other local, regional and international commitments


Mission: To do this in a QUANTIFIABLE MANNER allowing our customers to make INFORMED  BUSINESS DECISIONS

Our Strengths

  • Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) Trained and Licensed Solar Installer

  • Sustainable Energy Center (SEC) Trained Energy Auditor

  • Experience

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Project Management Expertise

  • Strong Technical Partnerships

  • Access to vast resource pool 

  • Local Presence

Our Core Values

  • Always maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethics in everything that we do 

  • Always focus on and be responsive to the unique needs and environment of our clients

  • Strive to maintain the highest level of quality in everything that we do

  • Strive to add value in every engagement and exceed the client's expectations

  • Provide the highest levels of customer service to our clients 

  • Provide Highly Skilled Expertise for all engagements

  • Continually enhance our expertise to enable us to serve our clients' needs as they evolve over time.

  • Be committed to the continual professional and career development of our staff

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